A Day in the Life

Don House Daily Routine

7.00am – Wake Up: You will be woken up by your Dorm Monitor and/or Duty Staff. Some mornings wake up may be earlier as we will go for a morning run or complete other exercise.

7.15am – Breakfast: Breakfast is in the Dining Room & consists of a selection of cereals, brown or white bread/toast, a selection of spreads & fruit. You will also have a choice of water, milk or hot chocolate for drinks. REMEMBER to take your laundry over to breakfast with you each laundry day. Each Wednesday we have a hot breakfast.

7.45am – Return to Dorm: You will have time to shower, brush your teeth, check your school bag & get ready for your day. (You are welcome to shower before breakfast if you are up in time).

8.15am – Room Inspection: Your dorm monitor will inspect your room to ensure you are keeping your room tidy to a good standard; this includes keeping your cupboard & the area under your bed tidy too.

8.20am – Device Issued: We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) School so you will be given your device for schoolwork. Phones will remain in the locked box until after school. Years 11-13 are expected to self-manage this.

8.30am – Dorms are locked: You will begin to make your way over to school.

8.35am – First School Bell = Head to Period 1: Your school day runs from 8.40am – 3.05pm. You are not allowed to return to Don House/hostel area during your school day, unless you have an appointment. If you need support or to contact Scott or Chelsea during your school day you can do so by seeking support via your Deans’ Suite & speaking to Mrs Bond or one of the Deans.

3.05pm – End of School Day: You can collect Afternoon Tea from the Dining Hall.

Once back in Don House you should change out of your uniform, hanging it up for the following day or putting it in your dirty laundry basket. Year 9’s will complete their Rec Programme or trainings until 4.15pm then have free time. Other year groups will have free time from 3.05pm - 5.15pm. This time can include attending training sessions, sports, physical activities or chilling out in the Common Areas. Year 9’s ARE NOT allowed off site Monday – Thursday, unless accompanied by a member of staff. Year 10’s have off-site leave one afternoon a week to gather in essentials.

5.15pm - Dinner: You are expected to head over to the dining hall from 5.15pm. Once everyone is seated, we’ll say a Karakia, then each year group will go up to the servery to collect their dinner; starting with Year 13’s & finishing with Year 9’s. (Boys have the opportunity to be part of the Food Committee & meet with our Catering Manager to provide feedback & discuss ideas re; meals.)

6.15pm – Prep: Prep runs for an hour Tuesday – Thursday. During this time, you are expected to complete homework, revision tasks, reading &/or other tasks to support your learning/school subjects. You will have support from Team Leaders, House Masters & a schoolteacher during these sessions. Reminder no boarder to return to dorms between prep and dinner.

7.30pm – Evening Activities: After Prep there will be a variety of activities available to you. Team Leaders & House Masters will arrange sports games in the gym or on the turf, board games, card games, table tennis, table football &/or watch sports or movies in the common room. During the summer months you will also have access to the swimming & diving pools. Supper will be organised around activities.

8.45pm – Register Devices: Year 9’s & 10’s must hand in all phones & devices to be stored overnight. Phones will be kept in a locked box & devices in a locked charging unit.

9.00pm – Onwards – Lights Out: From 9.00pm Team Leaders & House Masters will complete roll calls for each dorm; 9.00pm – Year 9, 9.15pm – Year 10, 9.30pm – Year 11, 9.45pm – Year 12 & 10.00pm – Year 13.