Community Association

Community Association meetings are held monthly in the school staffroom. They involve an update form the Canteen and Uniform shop subcommittees, a report from the Rector and the organisation of how we can assist at school events.

Fundraising is a vital part of our role. We ensure that money raised each year is donated back to the school fo specific resources, that benefit the boys.

In 2019 we donated money for PE gear, a set of robotics, library boooks and made a donation towards a lazer cutter for the Technology Department. We also have helped at school events such as the Year 8 Open Night, Scrano and Senior Prizegiving, providing support or offering refreshments.

We are a group of adults who are eager to help, interested in the education of our boys and pasionate about Waitaki Boys' High School. The Community Association is a great way to stay actively involved and contribute positively to the eductaion of our boys.

New members are always welcome, for any more information please email


Our Uniform Shop hours are Thursday 3-6pm. Ground floor of the social centre.