Pupils at Waitaki soon realise that there are many sports and activities in which they are able to participate. It is our intention to ensure that as many boys as possible take an active part in these co-curricular activities. This will enable them to reap the benefit of the coaching offered by the large number of staff and community members who commit themselves to sport in our school. We have a great variety of organised sports on offer at Waitaki so there really is something for everyone.

Below are a list of sports offered here at Waitaki and the name of the teacher in charge (TIC) of that sport.   The TIC is the person that can answer questions and enquiries regarding their particular sport and is the students main point of contact for that sport.

When joining a sport, our students should consider that being a member of a school team brings responsibility. Students are required to:

• Attend meetings promptly

• Attend practices on time

• Wear the correct playing uniform with pride

• Have a responsible, positive and sportsman-like attitude

• Be aware that once you have entered into a sport you are committed to that team for the entire season.


Above all else all pupils are encouraged to get involved in one or more of these

sporting activities and remember that the enjoyment gained from playing the sport is the most important thing.


If you have any further enquiries regarding any of the sports on offer or other options that you may be of interest to you, please see me in the Sports Office. The sports office is located adjacent to the school Library and opposite the Auditorium entrance.

As well as encouraging students to participate in sport my role is also to organise all interschool exchanges and the interhouse (SCRANO) sport competitions held here at the school.

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please contact me on:
Ph: 03 4370529 Email: sc


Below link to list of TIC of sports for 2023.

TIC Sport Information
137kb PDF file | WBHS Teacher in Charge (TIC) 2023.pdf


WBHS 1st TEAMS wear

No. 1 uniform


White Shirt


Grey School Trousers

School Grey Vest (Optional)

Black School Shoes

Black School Shoes

All other students representing


White Shirt


Grey School Trousers

Blazer or School Jac-Pac Jacket

School Grey Vest (Optional)

Black School Shoes


Once a commitment has been made to either a team or an activity it is expected that

students fulfill their responsibilities for the whole season or year.  If a situation arises

where you are unable to attend a practise, meeting or game you must communicate this

to your coach before the event.



All of the activities listed in this booklet  have criteria set for the awarding of School Red and Black Awards. In all cases there is a minimum criteria and it is up to the Coach and the Teacher In Charge

of the sport as to whether or not a student is worthy of receiving either of these awards.