LEVEL 2 - Returning to School

Students return to school “guide” – May 18th and 19th 2020

  • If you are feeling sick/unwell do not come to school.
  • If you are not coming to school please contact the attendance officer.
  • It is essential that we know where everyone is on-site at any given time.
  • The golden rules of hygiene which are non-negotiable are

No touching

Give everyone their breathing space – they are calling this the “moist-breath” zone.

Hand sanitise on entry and exit of any class.

Cough into your elbow.

Wash your hands vigorously when finished in the bathroom.

  • Do not share any equipment – this will mean bringing your own stationery to class (ie pens, pencils, refill, exercise books, folders etc); bringing your own water bottle and food. It is advised not to use the water fountains to drink from but you can refill your water bottle from them.
  • Teaching will be as per before lockdown ie on-line learning will discontinue (although with the skills you have developed during lockdown you can expect more learning on your devices in class).
  • The cell phone/mobile device ban which was to begin in Term 2 is to now postponed until the start of Term 3. Normal expectations of behaviour around no cell phones in class will continue.
  • Each class will have a seating plan, you will have to stay in your allocated seat during Level 2.
  • A class roll will be taken at the start of every lesson – please ensure the teacher has marked you present.
  • In classes where you share equipment ie machinery, computers etc these will need to be cleaned before the conclusion of every lesson.
  • Buses will be running as normal.
  • If you have borrowed a device off the school or have been given one by the Ministry you can keep these for the duration of Level 2.
  • Schools are a very safe place to be.
  • Canteen – open as normal, either cash or eftpos. The correct cash would be great and be patience as with distancing rules wait times will be longer.
  • Sports/Activities – there will be no sports/practices until Monday May 25. Sports/Groups are getting organised with their Health & Safety plans during that time ensuring it is safe to return to activity.
  • Interval/lunchtime activities – (the gym will not be open for the time being). You can get your equipment from Mrs Symes who will be in the Maths quad.
  • Some prefects/Leaders will be circulating around school with hand sanitiser if you need it. They can be recognised as they will be wearing hi-vis vests.
  • Keep left at all times and follow the signs. Generally you will not enter and exit a building from the same door to avoid “doubling back”.
  • In your first lesson your teacher will explain the entry/exit procedures for that specific class.
  • Schools are a very safe place to be.

Year 9 – meet Social Centre Monday 18th May 8.40am.

Year 13 – meet Auditorium Monday 18th May 8.40am.

Year 10 – meet Social Centre Tuesday 19th May 8.40am.

Year 11 – meet Auditorium Tuesday 19th May 8.40am.

Year 12 – meet Dining Hall Tuesday 19th May 8.40am.


He waka eke noa – we are in this together.