Costs For Hostel (Boarding) Students

Don House Boarding Fee                                                                        $13 000

Enrolment Fee (once only payment)                                                        $250

Sundry Expenses Bond                                                                          $500

(refundable on departure when all accounts are settled)                 


Incidental boarding expenses

  • Uniform, first year (little after then)                            $800
  • Activity expenses (i.e. skiing, ice-skating)                    $200
  • Weekly personal spending                                        $20 per week

Payment Procedures for Hostel Students

  • Boarding fees are to be paid a term in advance.
  • All those paying by monthly automatic payment are exempt from the above.
  • A 5% discount is offered for payment of the full year in advance.


Incidental school expenses:

These will vary greatly according to a student’s choice of courses and activities.