The primary purpose of Waitaki Boys’ High School is academic achievement through goal setting, development of a strong work ethic and meeting high expectations. We expect every boy to fulfil his academic potential.

Students are challenged to stand up for themselves, to develop resilience and be highly motivated. The school offers a full range of academic and vocational pathways. They are supported by modern IT and leading technology.

Our teachers have an understanding of the individual learning needs of all our students. We aim to empower boys as learners and to encourage in them responsibility for their own learning. So they are active, not passive learners. There is an increasing emphasis on vocational pathways providing students opportunities to gain credits in the workplace.

All boys are equally valued, but individualised learning needs are assessed. This allows those with the highest aspirations as well as those requiring a fully supported learning environment to achieve relative success.

The goal for the near future of the school is to have programmes that answer the needs of the student as opposed to the students being fitted into programmes. To this end we have a growing vocational pathways programme and some shared classes with Waitaki Girls’ High School which offers an ever-broadening curriculum. Interaction and consultation with the community will be an important part of this 21st Century approach. A BYOD (Bring your own device) policy has been introduced at the school and within the next 5 years it is expected that every boy in the school will have access to a digital device at school.

Curriculum Pathways
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Senior academic rights and responsibilities
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