About Us

Welcome to Waitaki Boys' High School

It is my privilege to be the 12th Rector of Waitaki Boys’ High School. For over 120 years now Waitaki has been producing outstanding young men ready to take on the world.

Currently Waitaki Boys’ is going through a phase of transformation where we have been re-establishing the high standards of the past whilst at the same time looking to the future and preparing our young men for the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century.

A major emphasis has been on improving the facilities at Don House (the boarding hostel). The school’s foundation invested $250,000 to allow for the refurbishment of the four dormitories and a centralised common room. With a trap shooting range, swimming pool, diving pool, gymnasium, numerous playing fields and a working farm on-site at the school we believe we offer unparalleled opportunities for the sons of rural families who are considering boarding. Both the school and Don House are presently small enough, so we know each boy individually and therefore cater more specifically for their learning and pastoral needs.

We are proud of the fact that our leavers head off to tertiary education, further education and the workforce in almost equal numbers. This is reflected by the breadth of our curriculum particularly at the senior school where shared classes with Waitaki Girls’, a partnership with ARA polytechnic and a vocational pathways programme sit alongside the more traditional ‘academic’ subjects.

Here at Waitaki Boy’s we see character development as fundamental to the success of our young men. This focus on the school's values of respect, resilience and motivation is embedded through rector’s assemblies, a Year 9 leadership class, Year 9 and 10 camps, a peer support programme run by Year 13's for all year 9's. This programme runs alongside a Leadership programme for the Year 12’s, the Kia Kaha (anti bullying programme) for Year 11’s and the Rite Journey (from boys to men) programme for the Year 10’s. Year 13’s not involved in peer support undertake community service. The positive behaviour for learning programme is embedded through the He Ara Tika programme which rewards demonstration of the school’s values by the awarding of He Ara Tika badges.

Our students are proud to be Waitakians. You will find here a tremendous school spirit. The big 'events' of the school year such as the Cultural Competition and the Senior Prizegiving are inspirational. The enthusiasm and vitality of the boys shines through.

This is an exciting time for our school, and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with your sons.

Darryl Paterson